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The program for entrepreneurs and startups who have been in business for one to three years and are ready to take it to the next level of growth and profitability.



One of the most persistent myths when it comes to entrepreneurship is that businesses fail because of lack of funding. With that people refer to capital investment. What if we were to tell you that businesses do not fail because of lack of investment capital, but because of lack of cash flow. And that this lack of cash flow is caused by four major reasons:

1 Quite a few entrepreneurs start a business without doing much research and preparation and then they expect to do well immediately. They don’t realize that creating a market for your product or service takes time, especially if the product or service is new to the market.

2 Quite a few entrepreneurs don’t ensure their offer is differentiated enough from what competitors offer – they start a so-called “copy-cat” business. Or, in other words, they don’t reflect enough on why a customer should choose them over a competitor.

3 A sizeable group of entrepreneurs forgets to check if their product or service is addressing an actual need in the market. The key is to understand your potential market so well that you can offer the right product or service, to the right type of customer, at the right price.

Quite a few entrepreneurs when starting out, cut a lot of corners to make things work. The trap that many entrepreneurs fall into when they try to bootstrap though, is that they forget to take into account that – whereas they are able to cover cost today, they should also be able to cover cost for the future when they want to grow their business.

Having said all this, there is one final reason especially in emerging markets like Africa why entrepreneurs fail to become successful: they give up too soon

Maybe driven by the reasons given above, but instead of learning from mistakes and improving on current ways of working (or “pivoting”), many entrepreneurs after failing with one, start another business venture right after, having to start the learning curve again from zero. These entrepreneurs never get to an advanced level of doing business, they keep stuck at the entrance.

It is hard to run a business, it takes a lot of work to truly understand your market and your customers; it takes a lot of work to create the right product or service for that market; it takes a lot of work to fine-tune your business model; and it takes a lot of passion to see things through…

Grow to Scale is a comprehensive program for any entrepreneur or startup wanting to  grow their business and not being afraid of putting in the work to learn, reflect & action.

That is why you should do this program!

Unlike many other courses out there that don’t really stretch your thinking, Grow to Scale (former Ideation Program) helped me develop as an individual and look at all aspects of my business differently.

Being an innovator who is always coming up with ideas, I struggled to convert them into revenue making ventures. The program has given me a wealth of practical knowledge that I needed to take my startup to the next level. The program consists of subject matters that are relevant and easy to grasp with a lot of fun exercises and videos that made the whole experience very enriching. The program is a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world.

Edwin Njogu, Founder and Director, African Robotics League
Edwin Njogu


Any further questions or you would like to us to link you up with a program alumni to get their (brutal honest) experience? Just let us know! Contact us via Whatsapp or Email


Man on the Moon

Module 1
(Re)Creating Your Vision

When starting a business you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve... a few years in and several pivots later: not so much anymore.

We will (re)focus on what it means for you to create your dream company.
Competitive Analysis

Module 2
Market Analysis

No entrepreneur or business operates in isolation. We will look at your competitive landscape in detail with special attention for the added value you bring and what will make your customers choose you over your competitors.
Customer Segmentation

Module 3
Value Proposition

One of the best ways to grow your business is through what we like to call “customer funded innovation”; or: ensuring you sell the right products or services to customers who appreciate the value you offer them.

Revenue is the key driver for every successful business.
Financial Foundations

Module 4
Business Model & Execution

Now that you have optimised your market and your customers and the value you bring them, it is time to bring it all together in your business model.

We will provide you with a clear path for a profitable and sustainable future for your business!


Grow to Scale is a so-called Small Private Online Course (SPOC), providing you with personalised support and feedback at the speed that fits your rhythm and progress.

A new module is released every other Monday and consists of Theory & Frameworks, Exercises, and  Worksheets. In addition to the online platform, we have Google Meets to catch up on progress, questions and feedback. In our experience participants spend around 6-8 hours per week going through the content and the exercises, with additional time in-between spend on reflection and real-life implementation of the learnings.

After the program, you become a Program Alumni and as such continue as a member with access to Grow to Scale including its exercises and feedback as well as other complementary content for another full year.


US$ 195

or pay in installments:
US$ 75 upon sign-up
US$ 75 mid-program + US$ 75 upon completion

KSh 19,500

or pay in installments:
KSh 7,500 upon sign-up
KSh 7,500 mid-program + KSh 7,500 upon completion


Grow to Scale is a rolling program, which means that you can start at your own chosen start date. How it works? Upon payment, you get access to the Program Portal where the first chapters are available for you to get started and familiarise yourself with the program right away.

The first of the Program Modules will then become available on the Monday after your start date, with subsequent Modules following on the subsequent Mondays. Feedback on your submitted exercises is immediate within 2 days; progress calls are scheduled on an individual need basis.


Any further questions or you would like to us to link you up with a program alumni to get their (brutal honest) experience? Or maybe you would like a demo of what the program looks like? Just let us know! Contact us via Whatsapp or Email


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