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We support start-ups and SMEs on how to start, grow and run a sustainable business with a focus on strategic, operational and commercial excellence. The Entrepreneurs Hub is not a traditional incubator, but a novel concept putting the success of the entrepreneur at the core of its business.

The Entrepreneurs Hub is a knowledge centre that exists to inspire and cultivate professional entrepreneurship among startups and SMEs from diverse sectors in the East African economy. As an organization that is actively involved in a day to day engagement with entrepreneurs, it is our core business to support businesses to start, grow and scale into sustainable enterprises. We are not an incubator in the traditional sense but a knowledge hub providing trainings and other programs and activities to entrepreneurs focusing on strategic, operational and commercial excellence. In addition we provide the full eco-system consisting of desk/office space and financing solutions through the different partnerships we have established.

We regard entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in high esteem as a driver of change, development and progress. Entrepreneurs build businesses that create value, employment opportunities and deliver crucial services and products where it is needed most. We believe in entrepreneurs being the silent motor of our economy. In an economy that has the ambition to take up opportunities, it is our mission to support entrepreneurs to take full advantage and own up to their potential.

Hubcubation is not just another program, you are really pushed to be your best – more even than you realised you had in you

— Nyokabi Mwangi, Tosheka Textiles —


Hubcubation is a 6-month program designed for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 1-3 years and want to take their startup to the next level of professionalism and sustainability. The program has a 360′ approach build on three pillars: knowledge, network and mentor/coaching. In ten workshops you will go through all elements required to run a business: from strategy to operations, from marketing to management. The workshops are very practical in their application: we use proven business concepts and frameworks to support you understanding the industry that you’re in, developing the right strategy to become better at selling the right product to the right customer at the right time at the right price. It will support you to operationalize your strategy, making your business profitable consistently.

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The Statistics

% of startups fail

% lacked a market need for their product

% ran out of cash

If you think about it: why would you expect from a business to survive if there is no market need for the product? Because thats what the statistics tell us: 42% of startups fail because they can’t find enough customers to sell their product to. In that light, it is not surprising that another 29% of startups fail because they run out of cash. Be careful to confuse cash (working capital to keep going) with funding (investment to get started or scale). This leads to another interesting fact worth mentioning: only 10% of businesses that bootstrap say they failed because they run out of cash.

Knowing this, is there any way you as an entrepreneur can prepare yourself to avoid falling into the “failure” category? Asking the question is answering it: yes! We have carefully designed programs for different stages of business development.

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