The Secret Of Startup Success? Consistency…

In the beginning when selling a new product or service you might have days or weeks that sales will be above expectations but there will definitely also be periods when sales are down.

It is at these times that it will be difficult to find the motivation to keep going, to continue opening up channels to find customers no matter what uninspiring feedback you are getting.  The energy you previously had to pay the visits, make the calls, write the emails, and post the blogs is starting to fade.

It is at these times that the winners separate themselves from the losers.

Many things have been said about productivity and startup success. The real work is to keep the daily spark alive: to push forward doing the things you know you have to do and do them relentlessly.

Only when you keep pushing for opportunities, you are assured they will open up for you.

Posted on August 14, 2017 in Daily Spark, StartUp

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