In a fix? Don’t compromise on quality…

In times of trouble, when cash flow isn’t what it is supposed to be, the first thing we tend to do is to cut on cost… Sounds sensible, doesn’t it? The problem comes when cutting cost equals cutting corners. When we start compromising on quality.

The risk? It might be the beginning of the end…

Never forget, there are two ways to get out of a tricky cash flow situation: cutting cost or increasing revenue. The moment you start cutting corners and compromising on quality, the likelihood you will increase your customer base and hence your sales revenue declines.


When struggling with cash flow, try to keep your focus on the longer term. Don’t cut corners where you can’t afford to. Keep to your standards of quality.

Don’t let short term decisions kill your business…


Posted on August 15, 2017 in Daily Spark, StartUp

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