Friendster was Facebook before Facebook…

Sometimes you come across an inspiring story that challenges your perceptions and makes you rethink the paths to success. Take the story of Friendster. Not many people will have heard about it, though it was a very popular Social Network even before Facebook was around. Its rise holds all the elements of the unicorn tech startup, but so does its downfall.

Friendster is the story of a visionary CEO who sees his company grow too fast to get the foundations right and loses its soul to venture capitalists putting profit before customer experience. At the same time an unknown Mark Zuckerberg moves from campus to campus to grow his Facebook out of the limelight.

What makes one company succeed and the other one fail?

A universal story told in this interesting podcast. A recommendation to anyone in business, not just techpreneurs:

Posted on May 15, 2017 in Audio, Inspiring Story, StartUp

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