Daily Spark: You think you make people happy? Think again!

Daily Spark: You think you make people happy? Think again!

Today let me start with a story of a happily married couple that just celebrated their golden anniversary:

For fifty years, the husband and wife had shared breakfasts together. Every single morning, the wife would give the husband the heel of the bread, as to her that was the most tasty slice and she wanted her husband to enjoy it. Every single morning, the husband would accept the heel of the bread, as to him that was the least tasty slice which he didn’t mind taking, as that would leave the more tasty part for his wife. Oh, how beautiful, true love!

There are many insights that can be drawn from this little anecdote. The most intriguing one for me is how we sometimes try so hard to please everyone around us, that we sometimes loose sight of the overall optimal outcome. We think we know what is best, but forget to realise that it is a best from our perspective.

In business there is not a day that goes past without someone trying to rearrange their schedule so they can meet with us at a specific time – whereas an hour earlier or later would have been fine too. Or we try to accommodate meeting at a certain venue close to someone’s office, while maybe they would have liked the opportunity to venture away for a change. Or we go out of our way to make a same day delivery, making our customer having to stay home and wait for us while tomorrow their schedule would have been all clear. Or …

Never assume that what you think will make someone happy, will actually be the case. Optimisation is good, but Communication even better!

I wish you an inspired day,

Posted on June 12, 2018 in Daily Spark

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